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About China DMC

Welcome to our Virtual Office that will connect you to China and it’s vast resources available to you through China DMC. If you are planning trips to China, we are certain that you’ve heard the phrase “guan xi” Relations. We believe the relation we build with you is the key to your success. We invite you to get familiarized with China DMC and how we can be of service to you.

Backed by CTS / China Travel Services

We are the official Destination Management Company for China Travel Service, located in a city that never sleeps, Las Vegas. Our Managing Officers and staff are Certified Meeting Planners that are passionate and dedicated in making every bit of your dreams and success come true. Rest assured, we pay attention to the smallest detail by following our “no stone unturned” philosophy.

Whether you are planning a reception dinner on top of the Great Wall, an incentive to Shanghai Expo, leisure travel to many of the wonderful destinations in China, being the appointed Destination Management Company for China Travel Service, which is a government owned organization with connections at every level of government bodies, with networks throughout China to open any doors, providing you with a seamless “turn-key” solution. It’s like having your team and entourage working for you in China. Read more

A company defined by service.

Our emphasis in quality service, commitment and professional growth among our employees provide distinctive advantages to you without sacrificing high standards, dependability, attention to details in handling all types of groups and budgets suitable to your best interests. It’s like having your own team and entourage working for you in China. Read more .